For troubled and disadvantage youth of all races in need of educational, social and spiritual guidance

The cliché phrase is very true, “Show me your young people and I will show you your future”. As the Youth of our society unfolds, we will either progress or digress in our society.

The target group is the Youth of the community, since strong evidence indicates that activity like Boxing, Basketball, Track and Field and other sporting activities are able to attract and retain those most likely to behave anti-socially and prevent them from seeking excitement by joining gangs, doing drugs, street fighting or premature dropping out of school.

The longevity of HOUSTON BROAD BASED COMMUNITY CENTER will be contingent on substantial government and private donors.

As an IRS 501©3 Organization, the organization cannot profit dollar ($) for dollar ($); however, funds are invested in the programs. The NET RETURN is a better future for everyone involved.

The “WIN-WIN” situation for the Youth of the community will be exemplary programs lasting for generations with the Youth of today giving back to the community well into the future and their grandchildren’s future.

From: Wayman. L. Prince – Chairman & Founder